BEVERLY HILLS, CA—Manufacturing aficionado John Ratzenberger is back this evening, touting American manufacturing know-how in his Travel Channel series, "John Ratzenberger's Made in America."

The program, now beginning its second season, airs every Tuesday, from 9-9:30 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times, and spotlights uniquely American companies and products and the niche each has found in pop culture. Ratzenberger, who spoke at this year's Assembly Technology Expo (Rosemont, IL) and starred in the series "Cheers," grew up as part of a working-class family and is a former carpenter who holds five patents for a packaging process he invented.

With a love for the ingenuity that goes into manufacturing, Ratzenberger focuses on each craft and the level of skill, pride and dedication that workers bring to the manufacturing process as they create products that Americans, and often the rest of the world, have come to depend on. He also uncovers the rich history behind some of the most recognized icons in America.

Season two will feature a range of brands including American Champion Aircraft, Buck knives, Coca-Cola, Derecktor Shipyards, Ford Motor Co., Channel Lock tools, Hatteras Hammocks, U.S. Steel Corp., Sage Fly Fishing Rods, Kitchen Aid, Kohler, Hostess, Weber Grills, and Yankee Candle Co.

"There is a thirst for knowledge about how American products got started and how they are made, and that is what we strive for in this series," Ratzenberger says. "Coming from a hardworking blue-collar family, I was raised with a real appreciation for inventors and craftsmen, and I feel it's important to showcase the people who really build this country. They get up every morning and pour their hearts into their work. They take pride in their crafts, and the proof is in American brands with longevity."