Torit, a global division of Donaldson Co. Inc. (Minneapolis) and manufacturer of air filtration systems, had customer concerns in mind when it was designing its newest cartridge dust collection system—the Downflo Oval 1. These customer concerns—indoor air quality, cost reduction and ease of maintenance—are shared by a majority of manufacturers.

The Downflo Oval 1 represents the company’s latest generation of cartridge dust collectors. These units combine gravity with a downward airflow pattern to provide high filtration efficiency while reducing energy consumption.

By incorporating new features and increasing collector performance, Torit hopes to change the way industry thinks about dust collection.

One perception is that dust-collection systems can be difficult and time-consuming to maintain, particularly when it comes time to change filters. When designing the dust collector, the company needed to find a better, faster way to replace filters. At the same time, it was important to maintain the integrity of the seal on the filter cartridge cover to avoid leakage.

For one new design feature, the company turned to De-Sta-Co Industries (Madison Heights, MI). Its 604 series manual clamp has been incorporated into the dust collector quick release access cover handles. The clamps have helped contribute to a 25 percent increase in efficiency.

In older dust-collection systems, removing the cartridge cover to replace the filters involved effort and time. Now, with the clamps, removing the cover is done in one easy motion.

"Our Downflo Oval 1 with De-Sta-Co’s clamps is generating a lot of positive attention, particularly at trade shows," says Steve Groves, marketing director. "The feedback from people who have seen the clamp in action is that this is the way to go."

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