PTC (Waltham, MA), a collaborative product development company, is using Fakespace Systems Inc. (Kitchener, Canada) for stereoscopic visualization with built-in motion tracking and interactivity for virtual reality application suite demonstrations.

The WorkWall software translates engineering models and other 3D renderings into realistic virtual prototypes and simulations that can be displayed and manipulated in real time. "To fully communicate the benefits of virtual prototyping, it is extremely valuable to demonstrate our software in a collaborative environment where high-resolution models can be viewed stereoscopically," said Mark Hanson, director of Collaboration Centers and Services. "Our customers are amazed by the CAD models on a WorkWall system. They see details and mechanical relationships that are unclear or difficult to understand when viewing models on standard computer monitors."

The company installed a 7- by 16-foot WorkWall at its Collaboration Center in Troy, MI. The rear-projected flat wall display provides more than 2 mega-pixel resolution based on two edge-blended CRT projectors. The display's size enables viewers to work with dimensionally accurate full-scale models, to zoom in on components and to simultaneously view multiple files.

The WorkWall has helped shorten design cycles and cut costs by reducing the need to build physical prototypes. It also enables better group collaboration with models that can be easily changed and immediately reviewed. For design reviews and customer presentations, it helps both designers and customers collaborate to make better, more informed decisions early in the design process and to more clearly communicate design ideas.

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