PITTSBURGH--The U.S. Marine Corps was among three winners of the Supply Chain Council's awards for supply chain operations and management.

The Marine Corps won the council's Supply Chain Operational Excellence Award for Defense Department organizations. During the past few years, the Marine Corps completely redesigned its supply chain, going from almost 200 logistics systems to a handful of systems that are all Internet-enabled.

Siemens Medical Solutions (Forcheim, Germany) won the operational excellence award for industry. The company's supply chain reform efforts compressed delivery time from 22 weeks to 2 weeks, reduced costs by 30 percent and reduced inventory by 60 percent. Siemens also achieved a 99.5 percent on-time delivery rate and increased customer orders by 20 percent.

The Supply Chain Management Technology Excellence Award was given to Gensym Corp. (Burlington, MA). Gensym supplied Intel Corp. with supply chain management software that helped the chip maker improve on-time delivery, lead times and inventory days.