CHESTERFIELD, MI--Lamb Technicon Body & Assembly Systems has developed a new electric roll form machine to assemble highly contoured automotive exterior panels.

The machine handles the difficult-to-hem, open-angled flanges that often result from stamping complex automotive closure panels. The machine quickly and precisely forms these flanges to an easily hemmable angle through the action of a single-point roller. The roller contact also enhances the surface quality of the hem and panel.

Closure panels, such as hoods, doors, deck lids and lift gates, account for more than 60 percent of an average vehicle's surface. These panel edges are usually hemmed for enhanced appearance and safety.

Hemming is the process by which a body panel flange is bent approximately 90 degrees to attach the inner sheet metal support panel to the outer skin. However, the flange angles that result from stamping highly contoured panels are often much greater than 90 degrees.

Hemming flanges with angles greater than 105 degrees risks surface defects, such as recoil and warp. The new roll form machine solves this problem by bringing flanges with angles of more than 105 degrees back to a hemmable position.

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