Ducommun Aerostructures (Long Beach, CA) now uses Tecnomatix Technologies’ (Nashua, NH) eMPower software to produce fuselage components for the Boeing C-17 aircraft. Ducommun manufactures aerostructures and assemblies for aircraft companies.

The software will enable Ducommun to receive electronic product definition data from Boeing to inspect manufactured components. Ducommun can access aircraft inspection information from anywhere in the organization via the Internet.

eMPower allows business-to-business collaboration across the supply chain, accelerating new product introductions, time-to-volume and time-to-customer. The software helps manufacturers rapidly implement change and quickly transfer processes. It supports the entire manufacturing process from process planning and detailed engineering to mass production.

"The software solution was a key component in our ability to take over the manufacturing and inspection of the aircraft skins for the C-17 program," says Sam Neer, vice president of lean manufacturing. "eMPower will enable Ducommun to achieve aggressive cost targets for delivering quality components to Boeing by allowing us to use their product quality definitions to inspect components right on the machine that manufactures them."

For more information on eMPower software, call 248-699-2500 or visit www.tecnomatix.com.