PITTSBURGH--The Supply-Chain Council (SCC) has released a new version of its Supply-Chain Operations Reference-Model (SCOR). Version 5.0. can now be downloaded from SCC's Web site. The new version reflects a number of major changes regarding metrics, performance attributes, process-specific changes and the development of return. As a result, accompanying metrics are reconciled throughout the model to ensure that they measure what they are intended to measure.

SCOR can examine the configuration of supply chains, identify and measure metrics, determine weak links and help achieve best practices that increase operation efficiency.

SCOR uses a building-block approach based on five management processes to describe supply chains. This building-block approach allows a supply chain description to be assembled across organizations, internal and external, and across industry segments and geographies.

For more information on SCOR, call 412-781-4101 or visit www.supply-chain.org.