BENSENVILLE, IL-ASSEMBLY magazine is currently accepting applications for its 2nd annual Assembly Plant of the Year award for 2005. The goal of the Assembly Plant of the Year award is to identify a state-of-the-art facility that has applied world-class processes to reduce production cost, increase productivity, shorten time to market or improve product quality.

Any assembly plant in the United States is eligible. Plant size or the type of industry is not important, as long as the facility is involved in joining discrete parts into finished products.

Anyone can nominate a plant-employees, suppliers and casual observers are all welcome to make submissions. Deadline for submissions is April 15. An online form is available at www.assemblymag.com.

All nominations will be evaluated by a group of outside experts as well as ASSEMBLY's editorial staff. Specific criteria include the following:

*Have assembly processes been improved through the use of new technology or by making more effective use of existing technology?

*Did operators play a role in the successful implementation of new assembly strategies?

*Has a product been effectively designed for efficient assembly?

*Has the plant attempted to protect the environment and conserve natural resources?

The 2005 Assembly Plant of the Year award will be announced at the Assembly Technology Expo in September. The winning plant will receive a crystal trophy and a commemorative banner. Kenworth Truck Co.'s Renton, WA, plant received the 2004 Assembly Plant of the Year award and was featured in the November 2004 issue of the magazine.