WASHINGTON--President Bush has ordered the Labor Department to establish an office to address the needs of the 21st century workforce.

The Office of the 21st Century Workforce will identify new challenges and opportunities for American workers.

President Bush also created a Council on the 21st Century Workforce. The 13-member council will:

  • assess how changes in technology, demographics, globalization, work processes and job skills are affecting workers, employers and other sectors of society.
  • examine current and alternative approaches to assisting workers and employers in adjusting to such changes, including workplace education, retraining and assistive technologies.
  • recommend policies to help workers and employers adjust to changing workforce needs.
"Our responsibilities are clear: We should try to make it easier for people to find good jobs by giving them the education and training they need to succeed," Bush said in June at a government-sponsored summit on workforce issues. "Second, we should help them keep good jobs, and encourage employers to do more for their workers. And, third, we owe them a chance to build a nest egg that will help them maintain a high-standard of living in their retirement years."