WASHINGTON-The National Association of Manufacturers' (NAM) trade agenda for 2005 identifies a number of countries that the organization believes are ripe for near-term bilateral trade agreements with the United States. It also singles out China, saying the U.S. government needs to address a host of economic issues plaguing Sino-U.S. trade.

"We will press for successful completion of the WTO Doha round and bilateral agreements such as the Central American Free Trade Agreement," says Arnold Allemang, chair of NAM's International Economic Policy Committee. "We'll also urge our trade negotiators to explore bilateral free trade agreements with Egypt, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and South Korea."

NAM's China agenda includes policy initiatives to address Chinese currency revaluation, protection of intellectual property rights, subsidization and standards issues, and the need to expand U.S. export promotion efforts to help small companies benefit from China's growth.