CARROLLTON, OH-A new robot from Motoman Inc. performs assemblies both straight-up and on the rocks.

The RoboBar automated bartender comes equipped with a pair of five-axis manipulator arms and is mounted on a rotating base that provides an 11th axis of motion, providing highly flexible movement. The end-of-arm tooling consists of simple parallel grippers, which allow it to serve up draft beer, mixed drinks, soda and juices.

The system uses a magnetic card scanner to authorize drink service. After a valid card swipe, the customer uses a touch screen to pick his poison. The robot then selects a cup, pours the drink and adds ice to the customer's taste. It even gives mixed drinks a little shake to make sure everything is well mixed. The robot then passes the drink to the customer via an automatic turntable located at the side of the cell.

"RoboBar doesn't mind late hours or long shifts, and doesn't complain about the lack of tips. RoboBar also will never show up late, drink on the job, dip into the till or be rude to customers," says Carl Traynor, Motoman's senior director of marketing. "Smoke doesn't bother the robot, and it never has a bad attitude."

The complete automated bar includes the robot, dispensers for beer, soda and juices, cups and ice. (Add your own whiskey.) The robot's "personality" can be customized to provide information on a company or products or humorous quips. A safety enclosure is also included, and the robot is directed via an NXC100 controller housed in its base. Most important of all, it looks real sharp in a vest and bow tie.

The automated bar is available for purchase or lease. For more information call 937-847-6200 or visit