An innovative surface mount assembly machine performs screen printing, post- printing inspection, pick-and-place, post-placement inspection and reflow.

Beamworks has developed the Spark 400, an all-in-one assembly system that performs automated selective assembly and rework with concurrent paste dispensing, component placement, laser soldering and inspection.

A typical surface mount technology line contains separate modules for screen printing, post-printing inspection, pick-and-place, post-placement inspection and reflow. An innovative, all-in-one machine developed by Beamworks (Beaverton, OR) eliminates these separate modules, allowing for a more streamlined assembly process.

The Spark 400 performs automated selective assembly and rework with concurrent paste dispensing, component placement, laser soldering and inspection.

The Spark 400 has 127 feeder slots and can place 2,500 cph.

Assemblers can use this machine for low-volume general applications, such as quick-turn prototype assembly, pilot and small lot production. The unit is also suitable for high-volume, specialized applications, such as selective assembly of planned and unplanned missing surface mount components; lead-free high-temperature soldering; automated mass rework, including ball grid arrays (BGAs); BGA reballing; heavy bottom-side component applications; flip chip assembly and chip scale packaging.

The Spark 400's benefits include:

  • Automated selective assembly.
  • No required stencil.
  • Flexible operation for fast turnaround.
  • Programmable heat source.
  • Noncontact heating.
  • No baking of moisture-sensitive components.
  • Small footprint.
  • No setup time for inspection cycle.
  • Prevents heavy bottom-side components from falling off during top-side selective assembly.
  • Auto load of computer-aided design and bill-of-materials data.

The machine has up to 127 feeder slots, including 40 trays. It can handle boards up to 16 by 20 inches and components as small as 0402s and as large as 75 by 75 millimeters. Throughput is up to 2,500 cph, and its vision capability allows for better than 2 mils placement accuracy.

The solder paste dispenser has an Archimedes' leadscrew and positive displacement technology for controlled paste deposit. It can dispense shots at a 0.4-millimeter pitch, with a throughput of 5,000 pads per hour. Both dots and strips can be dispensed.

The laser soldering module contains four 25-watt laser diodes and an independent optical system for each laser to direct X-Y movement. Infrared sensors provide feedback for control of solder joint quality. Throughput is up to 120,000 joints per hour.

Infrared radiation signals measure misoriented components, bent leads, coplanarity problems, bridging and insufficient solder, with a throughput rate up to 1,200,000 joints per hour.

The machine is also equipped with Windows NT software that provides a graphical user interface and contains a component database.

For more information, call Beamworks at 503-646-3224, visit or Reply 20.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum feeder slots: 127 (including 40 trays)
  • Maximum board dimensions: 16 inches by 20 inches
  • Minimum board dimensions: 1 inch by 1.5 inches
  • Minimum component size: 0402
  • Maximum component size: 3 inches
  • Top side clearance: 1 inch
  • Bottom side clearance: 0.9 inch
  • Edge clearance: 0.16 inch
  • Power supply: single-phase 220 volts, double-phase 110 volts
  • Pneumatics: 80 psi
  • Dimensions: 40 inches wide by 52 inches deep by 63 inches high
  • Weight: 1,980 pounds