SAN MARCOS, CA—The BEI Kimco Magnetics Div. of BEI Technologies Inc. is the sole supplier for the torque motors that will be used on the Commander Pan Viewer battlefield imaging platform. Two motors will be supplied. The 9-inch-diameter asmyth and a 3-inch-diameter elevator motor will support a servo system that acquires and stabilizes images during high-speed operation.

The Commander Pan Viewer battlefield imaging platform will be used on the mobile gun system that is being built into the Stryker vehicle platform.

The Stryker, a 19-ton, wheeled, armored vehicle, is the combat vehicle of choice for the U.S. Army's Interim Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs). It combines firepower, battlefield mobility, survivability and versatility, with reduced logistics requirements. With the Stryker, IBCT can provide the joint and multinational force commander with increased operational and tactical flexibility to execute the fast-paced, distributed, non-contiguous operations needed during conflicts.