Diagraph Corp. (Earth City, MO) manufactures high-performance labeling systems for high-speed, high-volume industrial applications, such as product identification, tracking, shipment addressing and bar-coding. The labeling systems apply labels to single or adjacent sides of a carton or pallet.

The company uses a Hoerbiger-Origa (Glendale Heights, IL) AZV cylinder in label application machines. The AZV cylinder offers performance advantages over traditional rod-style cylinders with external linear guides. For instance, speed is a major concern in labeling applications. Testing determined that a majority of a cylinder's cycle time for an externally guided cylinder is spent trying to stop the cylinder and bring it back to its home position. This time delay is minimized with the AZV cylinder. The AZV cylinder has allowed the company to achieve application rates in excess of 110 labels per minute. The cylinder also provides such benefits as nonrotation, ruggedness, and long life and low maintenance.

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