FARGO, ND-DaimlerChrysler subsidiary Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) has begun production of an all-new, six-passenger electric vehicle. The GEM e6 comes in addition to the company's existing line of two- and four-passenger vehicles, and utility vehicles.

"The GEM e6 is the perfect local transportation solution for larger families or for transporting groups of people around real estate developments, theme parks as well as around business, college and medical campuses," says company president Rick Kasper.

According to Kasper, California currently offers the strongest market for zero-emission GEM vehicles, along with Sun Belt states such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and Hawaii.

GEM vehicles have a top speed of 25 mph and can be legally driven on roadways posted up to 35 mph. They meet all federal safety standards for low-speed vehicles and are classified as zero-emissions vehicles. GEM currently employs about 80 people at its headquarters and production facility in Fargo.