On these and several other products, Buck Knives uses no other means of attaching the two pieces together: There is no adhesive, only the two or three rivets inserted and rolled by the Milford riveter.  

Founded in 1902, Buck Knives Inc. (Post Falls, ID) manufactures a wide range of knives, including everything from kitchen cutlery to hunting knives and knives used by members of the U.S. military.

For more than 35 years, the company has employed a number of Milford riveters from Orbitform Group (Jackson, MI) for attaching wood inlays to the metal handles of its traditional folding knives, like its model 110 Folding Hunter and the 300 series of multi-blade pocket knives.

According to Bill Keys, director of lean manufacturing and engineering at Buck Knives, the “Milfords,” as they are called, offer the best combination of speed, versatility and attachment strength for these types of handles.

Currently, Buck Knives has a dozen Milford riveting machines that are used for riveting the handles on approximately 250,000 knives per year-that’s over a million rivets processed by the Milfords annually.

“The ‘forever warranty’ on Buck knives includes the handle as well as the blade,” Keys says. “Therefore, we rely on the Milford rivets to keep the handle together essentially forever. This is no small requirement given the use many Buck knives are subject to.”

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