KSR International manufactures a wide range of products for the transportation industry, including adjustable and fixed brake pedal modules, electronic throttle controls, and latches and door handles.

Recently, KSR implemented a Genesis GC-120Q placement platform from Universal Instruments to enhance assembly speed and flexibility in the line where it produces the circuit boards for some of its electronic products. The move is part of a broader company strategic initiative to bring as much of its high-volume production in-house as possible.

In addition to a good price and fast cycle times, the company wanted to implement the new system as quickly and efficiently as possible-something that would require good service from its equipment supplier.

“We evaluated many potential surface mount suppliers and found that most companies merely sell boxes,” says KSR manufacturing engineer Joe Grasso. “The GC-120Q provides the throughput capacity for our volume requirements without compromising flexibility. In addition, Universal’s process expertise and knowledge are exceptional.”

Another factor in choosing the GC-120Q was its ability to handle a variety of component types, including those measuring 30 millimeters square. This added flexibility means KSR isn’t limited in terms of the types of boards it can process on the machine.

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