DeWys Manufacturing is continually looking for ways to improve its fabrication process. That drive for constant improvement led the company to recently invest in additional robotic welding equipment and reconfigure its manufacturing systems to increase capacity. 

MRV6 Robotic Welders give DeWys Manufacturing Inc. more versatility. Photo courtesy RobotWorx

DeWys Manufacturing Inc. provides precision metal fabrication to a range of clients from office furniture to mailboxes for the U.S. Postal Service. From its manufacturing facility in West Michigan, the company provides a wide range of production and assembly capabilities to more than 100 clients in Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio.

The company has acquired two MRV6 Robotic Welders from the Michigan branch of Airgas, and now operates a total of six robotic welders.

“With the new Miller robotic welders, and Fanuc controllers, we can provide faster, more accurate metal fabrication to a wider variety of customers,” says Jon DeWys, president. “The flexibility and versatility of the Miller MRV6 robotic welding units are truly amazing.”

DeWys says the robotic welders’ capabilities deliver a significant improvement over traditional welders with robotic controllers. The new welding robots have been combined with Bluco Flexible Fixture tables so DeWys can weld large metal assemblies faster and more efficiently.

Equally important, the robotic welders give DeWys Manufacturing the ability to rapidly develop plug-and-play welding fixtures that include internal computer-controlled technology. DeWys says the increased capacity for robotic welding ensures that his company will continue to be competitive with metal fabricating facilities around the world.

He also says the company augments its robotic welding capability with a complete range of MIG, TIG and resistance welding services.

For more information on these robotic welders, call 616-257-3381.