In 2000, Magnetics and Controls purchased a meter-mix system to use in the assembly of their molded products. Unfortunately, after several years, the system proved to be incapable of keeping up with the company’s throughput requirements, making them less competitive in the marketplace.

The Model 9450 double-acting dispensing system offers a wide range of shot and production volumes, helping Magnetics and Controls Inc. meet its increasing production requirements. Photo courtesy Exact Dispensing Systems.

Magnetics and Controls Inc. specializes in high-quality, short-run manufacturing of custom and replacement transformers of all types and sizes. The company is known for its ability to quickly respond to customers’ needs-whether it’s for a one-off custom design or a transformer that is unavailable or to answer technical questions.

This led Magnetics and Controls to look for a different supplier of dispensing systems, eventually settling on Exact Dispensing Systems. After consultation, Magnetics and Controls selected the Model 9450 double-acting dispensing system, which met the company’s production requirements by offering a wide range of shot and production volumes. Equally important, the system could be installed quickly.

The 9450 performs intermittent or continuous dispensing of two-component adhesives, epoxies, urethanes, silicones and polysulfides. It features a 3.5-inch bore and 6-inch stroke, and has a full stroke volume of 61 fluid ounces. Large positive-displacement metering cylinders deliver A and B materials.

The unit’s mixer manifold isolates materials until they enter the disposable mixer. Material is pressure fed from tanks or pump fed from 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums or other bulk containers.

Chookagian says the system offers maximum up time, greatly helping the company’s bottom line.

“We calculated our ROI to be only six months and are looking forward to adding a second system as production demands increase.”

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