In 2010,Lista International decided to develop a new series of four- and six-wheel Technician Toolboxes that would be larger, heavier and stronger than anything Lista had offered in the past. Company engineers wanted its six-wheel toolbox to have a 7,200-pound capacity, roll easily at full capacity, and stop safely with a reliable wheel-locking system.
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Measuring 6 by 2 inches, the wheel is made of an ultra-tough thermoplastic compound that resists hard impacts and drop shocks. Photo courtesy Lista International

To achieve these three design goals, Lista engineers knew the toolboxes needed a heavy capacity wheel. So they collaborated with long-time supplier C.P. Lauman Co., a local distributor of premier casters and wheels, and Colson Caster Corp., which makes casters and wheels.

Designing this unique wheel took eight months, as Lista engineers worked closely with Heidi Alcock, president of C.P. Lauman, and Blake Lamberson, sales engineer for Colson Caster. The process included numerous meetings, where the parties discussed the best chemical-resistant material to use for the wheel, and a wheel-lock system that would safety-proof the toolboxes in mobile configurations.

Next, Lista engineers created 3D models, and Colson Caster made wheel prototypes. The finalized wheel has 33 percent higher capacity than Lista’s previous heaviest duty wheel. Colson makes these wheels.

“Typical mobile cabinets use rubber wheels with either a 600- or 900-pound capacity for a 4-wheel capacity of 2,400 or 3,600 pounds,” says Lamberson. “The new wheel offers a 1,200-pound capacity, for a total of 4,800 pounds with four casters and 7,200 pounds with six casters.”

Measuring 6 by 2 inches, the wheel is made of an ultra-tough thermoplastic compound that resists hard impacts and drop shocks. The compound is impervious to most chemicals, solvents, salts, gases, alkaline, and steam cleaning and does not absorb water.

Compared to other hard-tread wheels, the new wheel requires less force to roll and swivel. It is ideal for many industrial and institutional applications. 

“The wheels are made of material that rolls like a charm,” says John Alfieri, vice president of sales and marketing for Lista International. “The locking system locks the wheel rotation as well as the swivel, adding an extra level of safety.” 

Technician Toolboxes are designed to withstand rugged environments, such as maintenance and repair shops for automobiles and airplanes. They are available in single, double, and triple bank, as well as two-bay configurations.

To make the wheel stylish, Lista had Colson design a special hubcap for it. The hubcap is made of high-impact material for rugged use, but gives the wheel a polished appearance.

“It’s like a car with a great-looking set of wheels,” says Alfieri.

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