GERMANTOWN, WI—A new research tool helps engineers quickly find the right adhesives for their assembly applications. The searchable Gluespec database from Ellsworth Adhesives was designed by engineers and contains curated, quality-checked data on more than 7,000 liquid adhesives, coatings, sealants and specialty chemicals from more than 70 suppliers.

The free database’s grid interface recommends materials based on a user’s search for a specific application or specific data points.  It produces a dynamic online spreadsheet prepopulated with material test methods, complete technical details, key specifications and comparable materials.

Users can scan all relevant properties and materials and compare them on one screen. Grid data is filterable, sortable and customizable by every property in the database, including specific gravity, viscosity, impact strength, cure time and temperature resistance.

“Gluespec [is] a better solution than sorting through messy catalogs, playing phone tag with suppliers or difficult, time-consuming web searches,” says Lance Schneider, Gluespec business manager at Ellsworth Adhesives. “It contains millions of technical specs, test methods and other critical data points on thousands of specialty chemical materials from around the world.

“Unlike other materials sites that start out with less data and make users search for more, the Gluespec grid starts out with lots of information engineers can quickly and easily narrow down to two or three materials for testing,” claims Schneider.

The database combines manufacturer data and the industry knowledge of Ellsworth’s engineering service representatives. It also offers the ability to connect with technical experts who focus on specialty materials.

“Its backbone is SpecEngine, a new type of search engine that combines a spreadsheet format with algorithms so users can conduct deeper, multifaceted searches for specifying materials,” explains Schneider. “Materials are selected using a proprietary algorithm that delivers results based on the likelihood of success for an application.”

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