When considering a new transducerized direct current (DC) tool system, don’t overthink it. It’s easier said than done considering today’s tech-heavy environment. While it is imperative that manufacturers have tools and systems that ensure quality throughput and seamless processes, they don’t necessarily have to invest in the most complex, premium solution to get a tool system that works for their assembly needs.

100 years ago, manufacturers didn’t need to think much about their assembly tools – the process was simple and straightforward. Fast-forward to today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) make things a lot more complicated for manufacturers. The process is overwhelming for engineers and leaves them wondering, “Do I need the most advanced system?”, “Do I need to purchase the most expensive system so that it is still relevant years from now?”, “What will benefit my facility the most?” Many tool suppliers seem to believe that with more complicated fastening needs, they need to create more complex tool solutions. Thus, manufacturers can get confused about their options and what they truly need.



Ingersoll Rand

Adrienne Greene

Marketing Manager-Assembly Tools

Power Tools