EAST EL PASO, TX—Tokyo-based Foster Electric plans to add an automotive speaker factory to its distribution facility here in 2020 and create 40 new jobs.

It will be the company’s only speaker factory in North America, and will be the most technologically advanced among the company’s speaker factories, according to a report in the El Paso Times.

The company, which employs 32 people in East El Paso, supplies speakers to almost every automotive OEM.

Foster Electric chose to bring speaker manufacturing to El Paso, “not only because it is the largest economic and commercial zone along the border area, but because of its skilled labor force, its central location and excellent logistics, its business resources and the character of its community,” said Jose Rangel, Foster’s vice president of El Paso operations.

Foster Electric assembles about 700,000 speakers a year in El Paso. The new factory lines will manufacture about 6 million speakers a year, Rangel said.