PALERMO, Italy—The world’s first 3D-printed sailboat was recently unveiled here. It was designed and produced by OCore, a start-up company dedicated to harnessing new manufacturing technologies.

The body and other functional parts of the 21-foot long ocean racer, which is scheduled to participate in yacht races later this year, were produced by additive manufacturing.

“[We have] developed a dedicated technology,” says Daniele Cevola, managing director of OCore. “This includes a robot, software and printing technology.

“[We created] a material deposition system that, using a proprietary algorithm, replicates organic and morphologically complex structures,” explains Cevola. “This provides lightness and resistance to a boat that could not be built in any other way.

“The concept involves the integration of digital production processes to create large components and enable simplified production processes, reduced production costs, improved flexibility of production and reduction of time to the market for products,” Cevola points out.

The Lehvoss Group developed a high-performance polyamide that is reinforced with carbon fibers. “The compound provides high stiffness, strength and low weight, which are precisely the properties needed for this application,” claims Cevola. “It is optimized for 3D printing, allowing high Z-layer strength.”