ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL—Used machinery sales company Kempler Industries recently released a study on the best U.S. cities for manufacturing jobs. Wichita, KS; Fort Wayne, IN; and Battle Creek, MI, own the top three spots in the ranking. Toledo, OH, and Portland, OR, round out the top five.

The study analyzed more than 236 cities and identified where the manufacturing sector is thriving in 2019, based on data from the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Some of the factors considered include the total number of manufacturing jobs available in each metro area, year-over-year growth, the median income for manufacturing positions, and cost of living in each metro area. 

Kempler notes that many of the cities on the list are relatively small, with Portland as an exception. The fastest-growing metros in terms of industry growth are Clarksville, TN; Reno, NV; and Cape Coral, FL.

Average earnings in the manufacturing industry are $27.21 per hour, which works out to $54,420 per year. This varies widely by city, though. The average manufacturer in San Jose, CA, makes $76,010 per year on average, while the average is just above $30,000 in Jackson, MS.

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