MOLINE, IL—A new economic study by the Illinois Manufacturer's Association (IMA) shows the manufacturing industry in Illinois generates more than $300 billion in output each year, and that the average manufacturing salary in Rock Island County is more than $76,000. The IMA has been highlighting these findings in a statewide tour, including a recent stop at the Moline Forge.
Founded in 1915, the Forge is a family-owned company that employs 50 high-skilled workers. Despite the chellanges that automation and outsourcing overseas presents to the manufacturing industry nationwide, Moline Forge continues to hammer out parts for iconic global manufacturers and local business alike.
The city of Moline is in Rock Island County, and the IMA study shows that manufacturing there generates 3.7 billion dollars in economic output, or 13 percent of the county's GDP. Manufacturing provides 13,600 jobs there as well.