With multi-axis weld positioners, a company can expand on the possibilities of welding automation by giving manufacturers the advantage of maximizing throughput and improving quality. In addition to saving on floor space, they provide potential for managed high load capacities in a well-engineered system. Manufacturing costs of a weld positioning system tend to be lower than a standard configuration rotary table.

In a properly balanced system, weld positioners can allow for drives and frames to be sized down when compared to standard configuration counterparts. Trunnion drives offer significantly higher accessibility for maintenance purposes, giving owners and operators the opportunity to perform easier maintenance checks and potentially extend the life of the indexer.

LazerArc by Motion Index Drives designed two DR-TR “Dual Trunnion” drives that will be part of an overall automated cell for assembly and welding of panels for the consumer goods sector. The goal our customer wanted to achieve was to increase production rates. View our white paper on The Benefits of Multi-Axis Weld Positioning Systems.



Motion Index Drives
Rob Litner