ROSEMONT, IL—Cleco Production Tools is bringing its CellTour demonstration truck to The ASSEMBLY Show here next week.

The truck is on a nationwide tour to promote the company’s new CellCore line of cordless tools, which launched early in 2019. Available in both pistol and right-angle configurations, these smart, durable cordless tools are designed to withstand the toughest assembly line environments. Their lightweight ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue, while delivering state-of-the-art power, weight and balance. The large user interface on the tool also makes it quick and easy to program.

The truck is equipped with a self-contained product demonstration space, as well as a designated “CellTour Challenge” area. The challenge allows participants to complete a series of timed tightening applications using Cleco’s cordless electric nutrunners. Following the show, a prize will be awarded to the attendee with the best time. Later this year, assemblers with the fastest overall times will compete for one of three grand prizes at the conclusion of the truck’s nationwide tour. The top scores are tracked online via the CellTour Challenge Leaderboard.

“The CellTour Challenge creates an exciting atmosphere for friendly competition,” says Mark Momola, vice president of marketing for Cleco. “The tour allows customers to experience for themselves why Cleco CellCore tools are the best option for their operators and assembly lines.”

The truck will make some 150 stops during its tour, which is scheduled to conclude next month. For more information on the Cleco CellTour, visit