COEUR d'ALENE, ID–KORE Power, a leading developer of high-density, high-voltage energy storage solutions, recently announced its intention to build a lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant in the U.S. to support global growth efforts for its Mark 1 Energy Storage System. The new 1-million-square-foot manufacturing plant will will create 2,000 U.S.-based manufacturing jobs and offer a 10 GWh starting capacity, designed for scalable growth.
Workers at the plant will manufacture and produce the company’s Mark 1 System using fully automated battery assembly lines and processes. Once completed, the plant will have 10 GWh of highly scalable manufacturing capacity that will meet the rapidly growing market demand for customized industrial battery solutions.
Currently, KORE Power is reviewing specific potential sites in a handful of states within the U.S. as part of its process to select the best location for the construction of its manufacturing plant. KORE Power has narrowed the search down to sites with broad access to labor and logistics hubs. Once established, KORE Power’s manufacturing plant will create more than 2,000 new jobs in a variety of business segments including production, shipping and logistics, customer service and more.
“This new manufacturing plant is another step in our mission to increase our capacity to supply North American markets, and also to grow our international presence by offering proven and reliable solutions that are cost-effective and readily available," says Lindsay Gorrill, CEO of KORE Power. "We are looking forward to selecting a location to construct a sustainable, state-side energy storage manufacturing plant – something we believe the U.S. market desperately needs.”
The assembly lines and processes for battery manufacturing will be based on those already being used for the Mark 1 System production at a plant in Jiaozuo, China, which is owned by KORE Power’s manufacturing partner, Do Fluoride Chemicals (DFD). The existence and use of DFD’s testing and development production lines will minimize the time and risks often associated with the construction and design of new facilities. KORE Power’s U.S. plant will augment the 6 GWh of battery production capacity that KORE Power will have available at DFD’s plant in late Q1 2020.