WASHINGTON — Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) has introduced legislation that would establish an independent federal institute—the National Institute of Manufacturing (NIM)—to serve as a hub for federal manufacturing programs.

The NIM would be led by a chief manufacturing officer, who would be responsible for creating and implementing a “national strategic plan for manufacturing.” The NIM would also coordinate federal manufacturing programs across multiple agencies to better address short-term problems, such as supply chain issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and long-term problems.

“For too long, our manufacturers and the millions of hardworking Americans they employ have been let down by a national piecemeal approach to manufacturing,” said Senator Peters, a member of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. “The need for a new, bold approach to revitalize American manufacturing has never been more evident. We must address vulnerabilities in our supply chain that have been further exposed by the coronavirus pandemic and reduce our reliance on foreign manufacturers. That is why I introduced the National Institute of Manufacturing, [which] would strengthen our manufacturing capabilities, ensure we have a national strategy including for emergencies, and help bring jobs back to Michigan and the U.S.”

The NIM would be charged with reviewing federal regulations that affect manufacturing and help develop a national strategic plan for manufacturing that includes planning for emergencies and supply chain disruptions. The bill would also revive and elevate the National Manufacturing Council—which was established by the International Trade Administration and was last convened four years ago.