THUN, Switzerland—The Schleuniger Group has acquired Cirris Systems Corp., a leading supplier of wire harness testing equipment based in Salt Lake City. When the transaction is finalized later this year, a new company will emerge called Cirris Inc.

“With the acquisition of Cirris, Schleuniger is further extending its market lead in testing of cables, harnesses and connectors,” says Christoph Schüpbach, CEO of the Schleuniger Group. “Together with adaptronic Prüfsysteme and Schleuniger Test Automation, both located in Germany, we have now fully realized our strategic main direction of ‘best in test’ and our ambition to be the global number one in technology, application and industry coverage.”

“In only five years, Schleuniger has built its testing business from the ground up,” notes Schüpbach. “[We have] become a single-source supplier for all low- and high-voltage testing needs, from simple-to-use to highly configurable high-end testers, and from standalone benchtop testers to partially or fully automated testing systems for virtually all applications in any industry.”

"We are excited to become a part of the Schleuniger Group after many years of sales and technology cooperation,” adds Craig Taylor, president and CEO of Cirris Systems, who will remain in his current position at Cirris Inc.

“Our product and service offerings complement the already extensive testing portfolio of the Schleuniger Group, and this acquisition offers us the chance to expand even more rapidly as part of the global Schleuniger organization,” claims Taylor. “We also see a great fit between our corporate cultures and values, and we look forward to joining the Schleuniger family."

Schleuniger also recently announced that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TechSpeed to distribute the Polish company's line of wire harness taping and bundling machines.