MACUNGIE, PA—Mack Trucks has completed an $84 million overhaul of its plant here to improve production quality, efficiency and worker safety.The sprawling 164-acre plant is where every Mack truck built for the North American market gets its start on the cab and vehicle assembly line. The renovation project, dubbed “Reborn,” began with an initial initiative in August 2015 and was completed this past September.

The company’s vision through the project was to revitalize the facility’s infrastructure, equipment, systems and processes to create a more modernized “lean manufacturing environment,” according to Christopher Heffner, company spokesman.

The expansion allows for the improvement of material handling and flow; installation of new equipment and tooling; implementation of new manufacturing IT systems; and construction of a new audit building equipped with stalls and compressed natural gas test pads for quality checks on completed vehicles.

Another major component of the project is the insourcing of complete chassis assembly to better manage and streamline the manufacturing process.