WARRENDALE, PA—SAE International has formed a new committee that will develop standards for autonomous vehicles. The Cooperative Automation Driving System (CADS) Committee will focus on creating standards to improve communication between ADS-operated vehicles. The new committee will fall under SAE's Vehicle Safety System Group.
"As ADS technology advances and adoption becomes more widespread, it is critical that our roadways and surrounding infrastructure are prepared to safely and accurately support the technology," says Keith Wilson, program manager of Global Ground Vehicle Standards at SAE International. "The new CADS committee will play a critical role in optimizing our vehicles and infrastructure to share important information, which will ultimately improve safety and reduce the number of auto accidents."
The committee's work will focus on Cooperative Driving Automation (CDA), which enables equipped vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, infrastructure, cyclists and pedestrians by using machine-to-machine communication technology to enable cooperation between two or more traffic participants operating in close proximity.
“This information can be used by those entities to coordinate their respective movements, or change their state, thereby reducing the risk of collision, as well as facilitating the mobility goals of each participating entity,” explains Wilson.
“Building on SAE J3216 Standard: Taxonomy and Definitions for Terms Related to Cooperative Driving Automation for On-Road Motor Vehicles, the committee will oversee the development of additional supporting documents,” adds Wilson. “The initial scope of work will be organized around the following focus areas: architecture and interfaces for interoperable CDA use case testing; cooperative intersection management; cooperative perception; cooperative traffic management; and security analysis for cooperative automated driving system standards.”
To learn more about the new committee, click www.sae.org or email Jennifer.Collins@sae.org.