ARaymond has introduced a new series of quick connectors that meet German VDA automotive quality standards. Used for heating and cooling lines, including thermal regulation of battery packs in electric and hybrid vehicles, the new VDA Low-Push Quick Connectors feature an improved design that is easily integrated into thermal management systems, solves assembly challenges, and improves overall vehicle safety.

The connectors have been designed so that less insertion effort required to achieve connection. “We have been working closely with our customers and partners around the globe to design our new VDA Low-Push Quick Connector line,” says Talha Burak Ocak, business development manager for ARaymond. “We have made significant improvements in ergonomics and safety compared with existing VDA connectors.”

Ocak said that as more vehicle subsystems rely on heating and cooling, more fluid lines and more connections must be made with large diameter quick connectors, increasing musculoskeletal risk for workers. The new connectors are easier to install.

An additional feature of the connectors is an optional verifier tab that allows operators or automatic systems to confirm that a proper connection has been made. The tab features a customizable QR code that only becomes visible when the end-piece has been correctly inserted into the connector.

ARaymond also offers customized connectors in a variety of diameters, angles and shapes. It’s even possible to integrate fluid management elements, such as valves or sensors.

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