SOUTHFIELD, MI—Denso Corp. and Honeywell International Inc. have formed a new alliance that is developing electric propulsion units to meet new aerospace needs. Drawing from their automotive and aerospace backgrounds, the companies will initially target the booming urban air mobility (UAM) segment, with a focus on air taxis and delivery vehicles.

“Mobility needs are changing, and this collaboration represents how [we are] evolving to meet them,” says Jiro Ebihara, head of the electrification systems business group at Denso. “While we have committed to achieve a carbon-neutral society, we still need to reduce traffic and offer eco-friendly movement in population-dense areas.

“Working with Honeywell will help address both these issues and furthers our goal of creating mobility that is green and offers peace of mind,” claims Ebihara. “The alliance’s electric propulsion systems will integrate seamlessly with Honeywell’s fly-by-wire, avionics and actuation systems, extracting the most thrust and lift from every watt of electricity.”

“Honeywell technologies have helped power human flight for more than 100 years, and as electric propulsion for aircraft takes shape, [we] will be at the forefront with partners like Denso,” adds Dave Marinick, president of engines and power systems at Honeywell Aerospace. “Denso’s leadership in automotive technology combined with our experience in aerospace will help bring about cleaner and smarter ways for people to move throughout the world.”