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Overhead power distribution, known as track busway systems, are quickly becoming the solution of choice in manufacturing. Busways have changed the way facilities supply electricity by forming a grid above the production floor. From here, a reliable connection to power can be made due to the busway’s unique open-access channel. This means plug-in units can be installed at any location to easily power electrical loads.

This ‘plug-and-play’ principle is what makes busway the ideal solution for manufacturers looking for ability to adjust floorplans under short notice. In contrast, traditional conduit and wire systems are hardwired into place, making them extremely inflexible. Busway systems eliminate these electrical constraints while keeping labor costs to a minimum.

However, not all busway systems are the same. An effective busway system offers three essential qualities – (1) Reliability (2) Flexibility and (3) Safety. When evaluating a busway system, you should apply these qualities to components of the system. By applying the principles outlined in this white paper, you will be learn how busway solutions serve the ongoing power needs of your facility over the long run.



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