AUBURN HILLS, MI—First, there was Ford vs. Ferrari. Now, there’s Ford vs. Tesla. If you think that sounds like an entertaining film idea, you may want to tune into an interesting series of short videos in which Sandy Munro and intrepid his team of teardown experts are at it again. This time, they have taken apart a new Ford Mach-E to study how its high-voltage cabling and connectors compare to the Tesla Model Y.

In an insightful 18-minute video, Cory Steuben, president of Munro & Associates Inc., and Al Steier, vice president of technology, also talk about suspension components during their walkthrough analysis.

According to Steuben, engineers at Ford and Tesla each take a much different approach to connectors. For instance, the former are more likely to rely on traditional designs and be influenced by supplier constraints.

“Connectors may [be] dictated by off-the-shelf components,” explains Steuben. “When you’re using off-the-shelf components…you have to make compromises when it comes to the potential for connectivity or cost savings throughout the vehicle.”

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