The components in the pneumatic systems of production lines are subject to wear that can lead to leakage. When leaks go undetected, they can affect machine performance, increase energy use, raise operating costs and expand carbon footprints. Integrating a smart pneumatics package can prevent these rising costs and emissions. One critical part of this package is a smart sensor. The Emerson AVENTICS Series AF2 Flow Sensor helps engineers identify leaks in real time and address them quickly, which optimizes airflow, reduces costs and improves overall equipment effectiveness.

The AF2 Flow Sensor continuously monitors air consumption in compressed air systems, measuring flow, temperature and pressure, providing engineers with valuable data about air consumption and leakage. By observing the used air volume, engineers can monitor the leakage rate and diagnose and address leaks before they can become an issue.

The highly flexible AF2 can be fitted on new installations or, because of its seamless IoT integration, can retrofit on existing machines. The sensor can be directly interpreted by many controllers and offers multiple communications options, including an IO-Link connection, Ethernet connectivity, OPC-UA server, MQTT communication and on-board web server.

The AF2 is easy to assemble and operate, with a small size that minimizes installation space. It features a color, easy-to-read OLED display and integrated data logger.

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