BLOOMFIELD, CT—Conveyor manufacturer mk North America has released a new version of its online conveyor modeling tool. The latest release of CAD360! features enhanced design tools and better access to equipment models to make it faster and easier to design and share custom conveyor systems from the manufacturer.

The conveyor configurator allows for 2D and 3D models to be downloaded for easier sharing across departments and provides engineers with expanded file options for their layout and design needs. There is now also the ability to download SAT files in addition to the other popular download options (STEP, DWG, and PDF).

The latest version was developed to help engineers, designers and project managers create conveyor designs simply by inputting values. They can then incorporate this equipment into their own machine design and submit it for a quote request.

Users simply input their desired values for length, width and height, select drive location, and desired options, and a model is generated on demand.

Live measuring, improved view control, and several other interactive modeling tools make it possible for the user to investigate model details right within the software. In addition, user changes will now be saved as values are entered. When the “generate” button is selected, the new model will then be configured and displayed on the screen. This saves time, system resources and speeds up the design process overall.

“The new CAD360! conveyor configurator was developed to help engineers, designers and project managers…get even better access to equipment models than before. As a design engineer myself, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to design automation equipment without accurate CAD models for reference. It’s even worse when you’re forced to wait on vendors to manually send them,” says Will Peters, design engineer and CAD360! developer for mk.

“The entire goal of CAD360! from the start has been to get critical equipment designs into the hands of our colleagues so they can move forward with their automation projects as easily as possible. This new version of the configurator does just that with a friendly interface, new model interactions, and various output types. At the end of the day, we’re confident this conveyor configuration tool will help bridge the gap between designer and manufacturer,” says Peters.

Users will be required to register to use CAD360!, which will help streamline the request for quote process should users decide to proceed with a design they’ve customized. Registering means their contact information will be auto-populated into the form and previous designs can then be recalled.

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