ALEXANDRIA, VA—The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently awarded a patent to Haier U.S. Appliance Solutions Inc., GE
Appliance’s parent company, that describes a refrigerator with an internal system for boiling eggs.

According to the patent, the egg boiling system is built into the refrigerator door. Once the system controller determines the boiler has eggs loaded into it, it orders hot water into the boiler to cook the eggs.

After the eggs are cooked, the cooking chamber is flushed with cooler water to cool the eggs off. An alert is then sent to the user, who would open the egg boiler and remove the finished eggs.

There is no guarantee that the appliance will ever be made, however. Haier is a big company that has been awarded interesting patents in the past. These include one for a fridge with a cold brew coffee maker, and another for a fridge that dispenses pills.