TOKYO—Mitsubishi Electric Corp. says it has acquired 42,000 square meters of land in Owariasahi City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, where it will build a new plant to manufacture factory automation (FA) control system products starting in April 2025.

The factory will use several advanced technologies such as 5G communication, allowing simultaneous connection of various machines, human workers and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs). At the same time, high-speed, real-time data acquisition throughout the factory will provide data sets on all aspects of the production cycle for AI-based analysis to realize a safe and flexible production environment.

Demand from the manufacturing industry for FA products is expected to show medium to long-term growth, particularly in digital sectors such as semiconductors, electronic components, and data centers, as well as for decarbonization related areas such as lithium-ion batteries. To meet these demands, Mitsubishi Electric will invest approximately 13 billion yen ($110 million dollars) to establish the new production site. Owariasahi City neighbors Nagoya, which is where Mitsubishi's main FA production site is currently located.