MIAMI—To highlight unique careers and companies in the welding and metal fabrication industries, the American Welding Society has launched Metal America, a new video series streaming exclusively on YouTube.

New episodes start on the AWS' channel there in April, with each episode being hosted by AWS' Stephanie Hoffman and running 10 to 15 minutes. She will visit fabricators across the country to explore some of the industry's most unique careers. Viewers will get a peek inside metal fabrication shops, schools, shipbuilders and more.

“The American Welding Society Foundation promotes the incredible career opportunities available in the welding industry, but until a person sees it for themselves, it's hard to envision what it's like to be in a metal fabrication shop or large manufacturing facility,” says Monica Pfarr, executive director of the AWS Foundation. “With this series, we hope to peel back the curtain to show what it's like to work in various careers within the welding industry.”

First stops of the series include Fire & Safety Services in Plainfield, NJ; Arc+Flame School in Rochester, NY; Trident Precision Manufacturing in Webster, NY; Path Robotics in Columbus, OH; Clermont Steel Fabricators in Batavia, OH; Mill Mechanical in Monroe, OH; and Philly Shipyard in Philadelphia, PA. During each episode, Hoffman joins fabricators as they work on their projects, getting a behind-the-scenes look and crash course into their methods and procedures.

“It has been amazing to visit each one of these companies, where people come to work each day with a huge smile on their faces and then get to work building some of the most rad machines and products on the planet,” notes Hoffman. “They are an inspiration and proof that manufacturing in America is not only making a comeback but thriving.”