For many manufacturing facilities, there is a steady task of handling wood pallet and crate trash following use.  The costs can be thousands of dollars monthly, just to dispose of the trash.  Wood trash build up is a safety hazard. Further and equally important for everyone to consider is the environmental impact of wood trash going into the landfill.

There is an answer to this challenge and you’ll be surprised by how easy and beneficial it can be!

To convert industrial WOOD pallet & crate trash into a useable product requires

  1. Intimate knowledge of types of wood pallets & crates
  2. The simplest & safest way to remove the wood trash from your production system
  3. A safe & quiet “One-Step” system to convert from solid wood to a clean usable [metal-free] wood fiber
  4. Known logistical restrictions at every site
  5. Merchandizing options from every industrial site
  6. Cost reduction benefits for each possible site
  7. A No-Landfill recycling solution for each site.

The most common industrial wood trash problem is monthly disposal costs for tons of wood waste.  In addition the carbon footprint hazards from high truck traffic to dispose of wood trash, and the overall environmental impact to local landfills is troubling on many levels.

The Boulware Recycling system is a complete and very easy answer to this need.  We’ll start with a full evaluation of your site to determine the safest and shortest route for your wood pallet trash from your facility floor into the Boulware system. Forklifts & self-tipping hoppers along with automated scrap handling conveyors are the most commonly used methods, but there are many usable options.

Specialists will visit your site to evaluate scope and integration of the Boulware system. Whether your wood trash disposal scope is 50 TONS / MO.  or 1000 TONS / MO. this fully turnkey system can be integrated safely into your plant process.

The Boulware system technology converts the solid wood into small uniform shredded pieces & completely separates the metal nails & crate strips from the wood. Our metal removal feature allows you to collect all ferrous metal into a self-dumping hopper which will be picked up [purchased] by your local metal recycler.  This is an easy, very clean and very safe process on your site.

The Wood Fiber is then loaded into an enclosed 48ft box trailer by our pneumatic closed loop conveyor system. The trailer & loading conveyor are sealed to minimize fugitive dust.

At this point, the Boulware team takes over. They will establish the removal of the trailers and facilitate an ongoing connection so that your waste does not end up in landfills, but will be repurposed in multiple ways creating an outstanding environmentally beneficial process for years to come!

Your staff will be trained by our personnel to perform the minimal preventative maintenance actions, or our company can provide the monthly maintenance on a contractual basis.   The entire process and function is exceedingly easy and Boulware will take the reins for you!

Cost savings, safety concerns, workplace environmental issues, and repurposing of your wood waste for the benefit of everyone are all accomplished with the Boulware answer to your need, no matter where your facility is.

Companies such as Cummins, Honda, Nissan, JCB, BMW, Automation Direct, and many other manufacturing companies are already using the Boulware system right now.

For more information, get with the Boulware team today… we can go to work immediately!

Boulware Equipment LLC