About FEC

Evolved from more than 38 years in factory automation, our electric nutrunner and servo press systems are fully engineered to meet your specific requirements, whether you're in the automotive, aerospace, off-road equipment, appliance, medical, defense or other industries. Our dedicated Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing and Product personnel take your project from proposal to production.


We have achieved our stellar reputation in the industry by providing unprecedented support to our customers and continue with that philosophy today. FEC offers a line of performance driven, price competitive products designed around the latest motor and servo technologies.

  • Diverse line of fastening and press systems to handle multiple form factors and market segments
  • Experienced support for components or 'Out of the Box' solutions
  • Numerous developments in fastening technology and control, including special customer required algorithms and tooling
  • International presence through distributors and affiliations in Europe and Asia
  • ISO 9001 Quality System

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