Founded in 1978, Pro-Line, headquartered in Haverhill, Massachusetts, is the recognized leader in ergonomic workbench design. The company is credited with producing one of the first hand crank, height-adjustable tables in 1987: the model EL, still available today. Pro-Line ensures that all of its products are not only high quality but ergonomically sound, making workers less fatigued and more productive.

Pro-Line offers two workbench groups. The Pro-Line Series typical of general industrial and business operations. Pro-Line workstations and workbenches offer enhanced modularity to maximize production and packaging and accommodate future needs. Applications include production assembly at individual workstations; diagnostic repair; packaging and mailroom workstations and workbenches; wire harness fabrication; ergonomic material handling equipment to lift, slide or orient heavy components; ergonomic seating; and more. Many models are in stock.

The company's Pro-Lab Series workbenches offer modular laboratory bench options for biotechnology businesses and laboratories.