As a global technology company and innovative solutions supplier to the wire processing and testing industry, Schleuniger offers an expansive range of innovative solutions for virtually all applications to meet the evolving demands of the wiring harness industry.

From simple to complex applications, Schleuniger’s automatic and semiautomatic machines process wires and cables reliably, economically, and precisely. And with an extensive array of global service products that is unmatched in the industry, Schleuniger will assist you in achieving precision results throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment, helping you reduce costs, increase machine uptime, and improve overall productivity.

Innovative product design, long-term experience, and open communication with our customers has enabled Schleuniger to consistently refine and expand our product portfolio since 1975. At Schleuniger we claim “To Be Precise.“ with good reason. It is our passion and the standard we set for ourselves. We maintain control over the elements critical to our success, from product development to production, sales, and service. This allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our customers and to assist them in finding the right solutions for their specific applications.

Headquartered in Thun, Switzerland, Schleuniger and its subsidiaries DiIT, adaptronic, and Cirris serve customers spanning a broad range of industries.

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