Durability Passed with Hydraulic Pulse Tools

Challenge — All manufacturers face the task of finding an ergonomic assembly tool with torque control; minimal torque reaction; low operational costs; and improved uptime.

The discontinuous drive feature of Hydraulic Pulse Tools apply torque in increments rather than one continuous effort; thus, eliminating torque reaction to the assembler. The ergonomic and torque control features of this tool configuration make this the best relative to low Total Acquisition Costs.  However, this tool type is characterized to have higher associated operational costs.

An automotive manufacturer in the southeastern U.S. had tried nearly every brand of hydraulic pulse tool on a very challenging application with high cycle rates. Only one brand would operate in production for one week before service was required. While this weekly service interval was not satisfactory, the automotive manufacturer had accepted this as a standard based on their challenging application.

Solution — In looking for a more durable discontinuous drive hydraulic pulse tool, the automotive manufacturer tested a Du-Pas TDIS Series hydraulic pulse tool.

Result — The DuPas TDIS Series exceeded their expectations. The robust external design of the housing coupled with the internal double sensing pulse mechanism resulted in increasing their uptime by 300% from all other tool O.E.M.s they tested. The TDIS Series proved to be a robust, low Total Cost of Ownership solution!

Durability Passed!

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