Every Motion Starts with WEISS

WEISS manufactures world-class automation solutions to help you achieve your goals.

WEISS North America, Inc. is an integral part of the Weiss global network and leaders in rotary and linear motion automation solutions. As your worldwide partner for factory automation, WEISS manufactures and delivers high-quality cam-, servo-, and linear motor-driven solutions to key industries such as automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, life science, electronics and more. WEISS manufactures robust and reliable rotary indexing tables, ring indexers, palletized conveyors, linear motor-driven pick-and-place units, cam- and servo-driven assembly chassis, machine bases and tool plates.

WEISS leverages over 50 years of reliable global expertise to deliver solutions that enable our customers to be more efficient, effective, and competitive. WEISS specializes in the highest quality craftsmanship and offers an industry leading four-year warranty.

WEISS North America, Inc.

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