CHICAGO—Amazon has unveiled its new package delivery van produced by Rivian Automotive Inc. at its assembly plant in Normal, IL. The 23-foot-long electric vehicles are hitting the streets in Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, San Diego, Seattle, St. Louis and other elsewhere.

By the end of this decade, Amazon hopes to deploy 100,000 EVs across the United States. The Rivian electric delivery vehicle (EDV) boasts an estimated range of 150 miles.

“In addition to being sustainable, these new vehicles are also great for drivers—they were designed with driver input and feedback along the way, and they’re among the safest and most comfortable delivery vehicles on the road today,” claims Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon.

According to Jassy, innovations include a safety-first design focused on 360-degree visibility, and vehicle features that protect drivers and pedestrians. In addition, embedded technology fully integrates delivery workflow with the vehicle, enabling seamless access to routing, navigation and driver support.