motion index drives whitepaper cover

We are presenting a new version of our well-established LFA linear transfer system specifically designed to meet the requirements of high-speed manufacturing. This new design allows to decrease the indexing time significantly compared to existing solutions, and to scale production to new levels by applying a modern mathematical curve. Our LFA systems can be thought of as a chain with stiff chain links driven by a motor. Necessarily, there need to be curved parts, usually two U-turns or four 90◦ turns, for the chain to be closed. A sprocket is located in the curved areas, and is connected to a motor to drive the chain. Figure 1 shows a CAD drawing of the LFA HSP conveyor with two U-turns. A motor connected to a worm gear is located on each side to drive the chain. The typical shapes are linear as shown in Figure 1 and rectangular, but we also have the capabilities to design more exotic shapes tailored to specific customer needs. Applications of these modules are vast and range from inkjet printing, packaging, filling, labelling to various applications in battery manufacturing. They can be used in intermittent (start-stop) or continuous motion mode.




Motion Index Drives